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Five Questions We Should be Asking About Volunteering in 2017

Five Questions We Should be Asking About Volunteering in 2017

Five QuestionsNick Ockenden, NCVO Institute for Volunteering Research, posted an insightful blog at the end of December 2016 posing 5 questions that all those involved in Volunteering Management should be asking themselves in 2017. 1. What's happening to volunteering by older people? 2. How can we support independent Volunteering? 3. What's unique about volunteering in public services? 4. How much technology really is replicable? 5. What's the role of volunteering in a divided society? In short, during 2016 we saw considerable change, which took many by surpise. During 2017, as Nick states,... More►

Brexit implications – briefing from NCVO Implications for charities and community groups from the Brexit referendum include political uncertainty,... More►

Why volunteering matters to me

Geetha Rabindrakumar talks about how volunteering let her make a difference in the lives of others – and made a difference in her own. Frontline charity workers make a direct difference to many people’s lives every day – less so if like me you’re working in charity finance. So in 2002, I signed up as a volunteer mentor for the DePaul Trust’s (now DePaul UK) “Working Out” project – a scheme to support people who’d been homeless back into work or training. So I go through the volunteer training, and am keen to get started when matched up with J. She’s moved from the Midlands to London, leaving a... More►

Why Do You Do-it? Do-it, the UK's national volunteering database, are currently conducting a 2016 survey entitled 'Why Do You Do-it?'... More►

Volunteers' Week: The Big Celebration Over 21 million people volunteer in the UK at least once a year and this contributes an estimated £23.9bn... More►

Short online introductory course on voluntary sector

A new short online course ‘Introducing the Voluntary Sector’ has been produced by the Open University and can be undertaken at no charge via OpenLearn. The course covers the context and features of voluntary and community organisations including: the structure and history of the UK voluntary sector; values and beliefs; funding issues; understanding stakeholders and beneficiaries; power and empowerment; the role of volunteering.  It is an eight week long course, expecting a minimum of 3 hours per week of study, and will be particularly suitable for learners working (or aspiring to work)... More►

Big Volunteer: Best practice in recruitment and retention

To mark the new year, the Big Lottery Fund is encouraging people to make a different kind of resolution and start volunteering in their local community with their Big Volunteer campaign. The Big Lottery Fund gives grants to help local communities, but it takes people, time and energy to make a big difference. To help you make the most of the Big Volunteer campaign, we’ve got some guidance and resources to help you attract new volunteers, as well as keep those who give their time with you already. Plus, if you want to see what projects Big Lottery has been supporting in your area, take a look... More►

Quick Survey for Volunteers and Organisations: Exeter Volunteer Centre needs your help to continue!

Across the country, Volunteer Centres are under threat as funding diminishes. To secure ongoing funding, it is essential that we demonstrate our impact on the local community, and produce evidence-based strategic plans for the future. To do this we need the help of every organisation and volunteer we work with, to produce accurate reporting of our strengths and weaknesses. So if you've ever used Exeter Volunteer Centre to find a volunteering role, or to recruit a volunteer to work with your charity or community group, please take five minutes to complete one of these essential surveys about... More►

Is it time for doctors to prescribe volunteering..?

Struggling to stick to New Year Health Resolutions? The secret to feeling better about your lifestyle might not be the gym, but instead, volunteering. New research by the Harvard School for Public Health suggests that people who volunteer spend 38% less time in hospital. This is the first known study to examine the association between volunteering and health care use. The NHS website does indeed recommend volunteering on its Live Well pages, and doctors that have been spoken to too are entusiastic about the notion of volunteering as a way to become healthier. Katie Modha, NHS GP and founder of... More►

Giving Tuesday - Get on Board!

Letter from Minister for Civil Society, Rob Wilson, about #GivingTuesday  On December 1st, the UK will celebrate #GivingTuesday, the global day of giving that asks everyone to show the world why it’s good to give. From making a donation or volunteering to simply spreading the word, it is a call to action for everyone who wants to give something back. The UK is one of the most generous nations in the world, with the public never failing to dig deep into their pockets or to give their time and skills for the benefit of others. #GivingTuesday represents a fantastic opportunity for us... More►

How to Encourage Younger Trustees

Blog by Ian Joseph, CEO, Trustees Unlimited This Trustees Week Trustees Unlimited is urging charities to do more to recruit ‘millennials’ (people aged 18-35 years) to their boards to stay more relevant to modern society and future proof their organisations. The ‘More to Give: London Millennials Working Towards a Better World,’   published by City Philanthropy and Cass Business School highlighted that 53% of under-35s working full time in London want to volunteer more than they do, rising to 60% in the younger 18-24 age group. However, it seems that charities are failing to attract this... More►

Investing in Partnerships for Health & Wellbeing

Have your say Who we want to hear from NCVO want to hear from people and organisations from across England who are involved in improving health, wellbeing and social care.  We want to find out more about your experiences and evidence of the contribution the Voluntary Community and Social Enterprise sector can make. Local people and communities VCSE organisations (front line and infrastructure) Public sector organisations (such as local authorities, CCGs, NHS Trusts, GP practices) Partnerships – (such as Health and Wellbeing Boards, Compact Partnerships, PCC Community... More►

Regulating fundraising for the future

It has been a difficult summer for charities. Negative media coverage has been to the detriment of us all. The stories picked up on failings in a relatively small number of charities, but tapped into a much wider, much stronger, public concern about how charities ask for money. Criticism has rained in from all sides and many would agree that this cannot and should not continue.During the summer, Stuart Etherington of NCVO, chaired a cross party review of fundraising regulation for the Minister for Civil Society. Throughout the course of the review many voices were heard and concerns... More►

Facts and Figures about the Charity Sector 10 Key Facts: There are 760,000 paid employees in the charity sector. There are... More►

Engagement in Health & Social Care

Good Practice in Public Engagement Join South West Forum and Young Devon to discover and share best practice in engaging with patients and the public... This all day workshop marks the beginning of a programme of events to enable health sector workers to make more informed decisions and deliver better services for local communities. It is designed to meet the needs of those with a strategic responsibility for engagement, front line staff and those implementing and managing engagement activities. “Good engagement takes commitment, capacity and skills. Using innovative approaches and techniques... More►

Do you work alongside Volunteers?

Would you benefit from a UK recognised award for your organisation’s commitment to volunteering? Investing in Volunteers is the UK quality standard for all organisations which involve volunteers in their work and recognises good practice in volunteer involvement and management. The award gives national recognition to good practice in volunteer involvement and management. To achieve the IiV Standard organisations need to be able to demonstrate good practice in four key areas of volunteer management: planning for volunteer involvement recruiting volunteers selecting and matching volunteers supporting... More►

Helping young adults with offending histories volunteer

The Institute for Criminal Policy Research and the Institute for Volunteering Research have released  briefing papers, aimed atvolunteer-involving organisations, resettlement organisations, and young adults themselves, to bust myths and address some of the barriers about organisations and offenders coming together for all round benefit. Did you Know? Having a criminal record is common. Around one-third of men in England and Wales have at least one conviction for a 'standard list' (non-motoring) offence. Volunteers with crinimal records already make a significant contribution. The... More►

Exeter Volunteer Centre relaunched

  As part of this year’s business plan review, our Volunteer Centre was brought together with social action projects to consolidate our offer and strengthen understanding of the impact and value of the work we do. As Health and Wellbeing outcomes are becoming central core objectives for the city and the region, our relaunched Volunteer and Participation Centre also incorporates our diverse range of health and wellbeing related projects. The launch of the centre comes at a very exciting time for volunteering and social action/participation in general. In 2012, the 120,000 Games-Makers were... More►

Answering the top five questions about volunteering in England

Multithumb found errors on this page: There was a problem loading image 'images/map-and-magnifying-glass.png' How does volunteering in England and the UK compare to the rest of the World? So, last week we looked at the economic value of volunteering and today we are going to look at the more tricky subject of comparing volunteering in England to the rest of the world. Different countries use different surveys and have different questions, meaning the result aren't directly comparable. However, there are some - albeit not many-pieces of research that look at volunteering rates across different... More►

Answering the top-five questions about volunteering in England

One of the most common enquiries that the Institute for Volunteering Research receives, and one which Exeter Volunteer Centre is often asked by Commissioners, is where to find the lastest statistics on volunteering. There is no easy answer to this as there is a lot of information out there and it can be tricky to find, and to make sense of. The Institute for Volunteering Research has tried to make accessibility easier and over the coming weeks Exeter Volunteer Centre will tackle each of the top five questions starting with: What's the economic value of volunteering? A good... More►

Fostering Change

Fostering Change

As a volunteer or someone working in the local community you may have an understanding of the issues vulnerable young people face.  If you do, you might be exactly the type of person we are looking for to join our growing team of foster carers. Many of our foster carers come from a volunteering background and continue to volunteer when they are fostering, some even involve the young people they are caring for too. The sad fact is that many people rule themselves out when they would actually make fantastic carers. If you want to use the skills you have gained as a volunteer, you have a... More►

Video: Lend a Hand

In 2009 Volunteers with a range of needs took part in active work gardening in the community, assisting local residents who were unable to care for their property themselves... while gaining a qualification in Personal Development through Gardening. Exeter CVS provides personal and professional training for volunteers to support them in their role, and we act as advocates for volunteers, to ensure they are treated fairly and with respect. We also provide specialist training and support to organisations covering all aspects of working with volunteers. ... More►

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